5 Great Examples of Brand Pages on Facebook

Social Media have been playing a big role when it comes to online marketing, ever since technology found itself entangled in the complex World Wide Web.

One of the most popular social networking sites available today is Facebook, where people from different places or continents, speaking in various languages—meet and connect. This has also been the field for big companies aiming to reach a wider variety of consumers.

Some of these Great Brand Examples are:

Dunkin Donuts

Offering “perks” for users enrolling in their apps, which is a good step in reaching out to their fans/consumers. By submitting pictures on the brand’s wall, they get users running to be chosen as “fan of the week” which is a simple, yet, effective way in online marketing and advertising the company brand.

Bushells Tea

An Australian local tea brand which chose to focus on social network marketing than spending big bucks on standard promotion, has quickly built up a following, at a rate of 1,000 fans per month. They engage consumers to participate in the site by promoting their presence as part of conversation that seems to come in a cup of tea. Bushells has deepened the sense of brand loyalty to their target market.


It has more than 7.5 million members, actively participating in customer feedbacks about the popular coffee store brand, which leads to the community deciding the flavor of the brand’s next coffee.

Red Bull

They target audiences and engage people with interesting contents. They have “Red Bull athletes” who post regular comments available through their “athlete” Facebook’s tab. They have fan only downloads and “procrastination station” where you can play games by racing “the bull”.

Victoria’s Secret Pink

They have a clever and interactive brand page. They show various features, all these leading to their website. Fans can play games with leader boards advertising their products. Their front page is themed which keeps changing from time to time that refreshes interest to their target consumers.

Facebook surely enables a brand to have a personality and identity to whatever demands their target consumers has. And this makes online marketing on social media sites more effective.