5 Unlikely Link Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Getting your site noticed is a tough (yet accomplishable) task in the SEO and Internet marketing industry today. The web can provide you with all the necessary tools on how to get your desired traffic. And one good way in a promotional campaign to endorse your site is through link sourcing or link building.

There are countless link sources out there, so where to start? Let us get off from the ‘usual’ for now; in this post, I have listed the5 Unlikely Link Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of, with the help of doing some online research.

1. Reviews on any product or service
Putting up product reviews or service that link back to your site is a good way for your campaign. Systems allow end users to find items on a particular topic, and links are provided for those items or other resources relevant to it, and these are called item-level links.


2. Press Release- PR sites
Distribute a press release effectively, making sure they are written professionally and newsworthy. Some examples of those free press release sites are: FreePressIndex.com, PR.com, Newswiretoday.com, PRCompass.com, and so on.


3. Topic related sites
Linking to sites that have the same theme or subject is essential, because it is considered the lowest quality of backlinks if you do not target your own niche. Backlinks from blogs are also good for reciprocal promotions with honest evaluation.


4. Testimonials on websites
Testimonials are written personally to commend a product, individual or a company. This was a good advertising tool to influence decisions of consumers to purchase products, and is a simple yet valuable way in link sourcing. One example for this is a simple testimonial from a client in a website called siteupdateservice.com, wherein he was happy about the service that was provided to him, thus, he may set up backlinks from his site with siteupdateservice.com as a recommendation for other future clients.

e.g. Testimonial:

“Working with Site Update Service was simple and rewarding. The staff was very easy to work with and friendly.”
Roy Munson, Utah, USA

Online Retail Marketing


5. Social bookmarking sites
It is a good source for the free backlinks. It allows users to post their sites organized in category, then the other users can bookmark and add them to their own collection or maybe share them with other users. Examples of popular bookmarking sites are: Mixx, Squidoo, Diigo, del.icio.us, and more.

This list of “5 Unlikely Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of is just an idea that might help, because in Internet Marketing, building links are all about page ranking and getting noticed in your online community. This type of search engine strategy is a wide road to walk on, but if you know where to go to…getting lost would not be a problem.