6 Ways Your Business Can Make Money on Facebook Today

In the modern age of marketing, social networking sites have played big roles in promoting businesses to make money online, and one of the largest social communities in the web today is Facebook (currently having 350 million users all over the world). It is a website where everyone can create, add or view personal information about an individual, company or product, as well as have the ability to contact them. It is a good field to target consumers.

Facebook has a number of applications one can use in advertising their business online. And in this article I have listed ideas on 6 ways your business can make money on Facebook today, by using some of those applications that Facebook provides to promote your brand.

  • Using Facebook Profile

If you are aiming to make money on products or business promotion, it would be best to have a profile dedicated to introduce the benefits of purchasing your merchandise (with useful contents), or the great services your business provides. You may start on adding your own friends who have Facebook accounts—post them inviting messages to view your product profile, or try adding random people whom you think would be possible customers.

  • Using Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook usually appear on the left hand side or on the user’s NewsFeed; this is one good way in diverting people’s attention towards what you are endorsing. However, the success of getting profit from your business ad depends on how well you present it—particularly on the picture, title and description. Facebook has two types of an advertisement system, the CPC (cost per click) wherein you get charged every time somebody clicks on your ad and CPM where you get charged on the number of times your ad shows up. At first post, you can choose to purchase an account credit depending on how many clicks you want to get (you can refill your account if credits run out). Facebook will keep track of your ad statistic and will give you reports on useful metrics which you can use as a basis on which areas of your ad need improvement.

  • Using Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is the social media’s application wherein you can promote or post classified ads for free under different categories. If you are looking forward to selling your product or endorse your business, the marketplace is available and accessible to probable customers to browse without signing up for the application; you can also take advantage of listing items with your affiliate or external links that lead to your main business web page (if you have any).

  • Using Facebook Events

Events application is installed by default in your Facebook account, if your bookmarked application is unedited, you may find this on the bottom navigation bar. This allows you to promote your business by creating events and inviting people from your network of contacts. It is another way of spreading the word out to people since you can add tag lines and choose your privacy, if you want to keep it open, closed or secret. And posting your events with proper details such as pictures, category and description can network you with potential clients.

  • Using Facebook Polls

You can gather information or survey from friends or visitors of your product or business profile by posting any question, which leads to promote your business. Here, you will be able to see insights and feedbacks from different people about varieties of topics which you can use to find ideas on how to sell your products or business to your target clients.

  • Using Facebook Groups

A group on Facebook is a free and simple way to create a community for your brand or company. You can create a page for friends, customers and partners to participate in various activities revolving around your product. It has boards for discussing topics, videos, photos and linking out of the box towards your official business website. You can also send updates, news and brand promotions to your group members, which arrive in their Inbox. This may encourage them to avail of your product.

Simple as these things may sound, however, creating strategies in marketing for this kind of platform requires a whole lot of creativity, determination, persuasion and faith in the business or brand you are promoting. And there are countless ways your business can make money online today—it is up to you to make them possible.