When do you know it’s time to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

business woman talking in megaphone needing help with online Google marketing

Hiring a new Digital Marketing Agency is a big decision, but more importantly when is the right time?

Below are a few simple questions you may be asking yourself that are indicative that you’re ready to hire a outside Digital Marketing Agency (SEO, PPC, Social, Content etc).

  1. Do you wish there were more hours in the day to run your online business?
  2. Has your online lead generation or sales leveled off? Are you not growing like you feel you should?
  3. Do you feel like the competition has run off with your customers, and your too late to the game?

These are all honest questions many professionals and small business owners ask themselves every day – marketing and running a online business can be a distraction from everyday duties. Simple Performance Marketing is here to assist you in both growing your online presence, and saving you valuable time.

Good things to know about a potential new Digital Marketing Agency:

  1. Let them Tell You How their Agency’s Process/Technologies will enable you to  meet your Companies Goals
  2. What Marketing Strategies have they implemented for clients that are similar to yours?
  3. How will they measure Success? What Marketing Campaign KPI’s do they recommend?
  4. Timing: How soon will I see positive results?
  5. Cost: How much will it cost (high, medium, low) and get options!
  6. How do they work with internal teams? (do they extend your teams capabilities, or replace them?)

As the Top Los Angeles Online Marketing Agency we strive to have 100% client satisfaction. Please let us show you how we can make your online Business grow faster than ever imagined.