5 Steps to Improve Online Reputation in Google Search Engine

Your online reputation can play a big role for your business, especially for those customers who have not met you in person. All of us would want to make sure that our potential employers and customers find the online content we want them to find.

Some websites can help float your profile to the top of search results. But there are plenty of things which we can do ourselves. The five major steps which you can take to improve your online reputation are as follows:

  1. Set a Google Alert

You should regularly go about browsing your name on the search engines. Make sure you keep a sharp check at the Google images too. One more thing which could be done is establishing a Google alert on your name; this can be very helpful for keeping track of any new content that has been assigned with your name. The Google alert will quickly mail you the notification regarding any content that has been uploaded in the internet world.

  1. Domain Name

This can cost you few bucks, but then it’s worth an investment if you want to improve your online reputation. There are websites like WordPress or GoDaddy where you can buy your name domain. Experts often suggest snatching up as much domains as possible. The more you get, the better it is. So, go and buy your domain name. You can also go about writing a bio about yourself, include your resume, post interesting articles about any topic you wish to, and thus win visitors too.

  1. Ensure all your contents are in one place.

Tumblr, WordPress can help you do this. You can put all your contents in one place and also “apply” your domain name to such sites. This is convenient because they offer well-designed templates and help you link all your social networking accounts.

  1. Make best use of social networks.

Staying connected on all the Social networking sites can be profitable, so if you can make time, do join them. You might feel like not spending time there, but you can at least join them and take the time to fill out the profiles. You need not be active there for 24/7, but don’t abandon them completely. Keep up a weekly check on. Attach some article or post a comment, do anything, but stay tuned on the major sites.

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  1. Private things are meant to be kept private

Never post any pictures of yourself which you don’t want the world to see. This can be a very stupid idea, for those pictures have strong chances of popping up in future and degrade your reputation. Set privacy settings on all your accounts and remember that your friends have got all rights to forward embarrassing pictures of you without your consent.

You can take help from online reputation management Los Angeles; they promise to improve your reputation and hide away all negative information that comes up on Google searches about you.