Search Marketing Buyer Lifecycle

Find Customers at All Stages of the research/buying lifecycle!
*For Coffee Lovers

  • Discover
    • “coffee machine” | General/Category top level term, may be mix of early stages and late stages
  • Research
    • “coffee machine review” or ” compare coffee machines” | Consumer not quite ready to buy -might be influenced by marketing messages that concern benefits of a particular unit/type
  • Compare
    • “cheap coffee machines” | Consumer is much closer to the purchase stage but price sensitive
    • “best coffee machine” “top rated coffee machines”| Consumer is not ‘ready’ to buy (yet!) but is easily influences by marketing messages concerning benefits of a particular type/unit/feature
  • Purchase
    • “Pasquini Livietta” | Consumer had a Brand and Model in mind and is ready to purchase due to the specific model numberand Brand preference indicated in the query.

I hope that helps explain the Search Marketing Consumer Buyer Lifecycle.

P.s.: Yes I am a coffee addict and hobbyist | My Pasquini Livietta Brew Rig is Below 😉