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As the leader in Search Engine Marketing, we at Simple Performance Marketing formerly SimpleSEM   has a team of experienced Internet Marketers that is passionate to deliver you excellent results for your success.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of augmenting the number of visitors or the volume of traffic in a website through “natural” or unpaid search results. One can optimize a website just by editing the sites contents and HTML codes.

Aspects to Consider in Optimizing a site:

  1. Tags: The use of tags is vital since it let the search engine crawlers decipher what your site is all about.
  2. Images- Video – Flash: Images and flash-based animation
  3. Content: Updating content on a regular basis using relevant keywords can help optimize websites.

Search Engine Optimizers or sometimes referred to as SEO are consultants who are in-charge of optimizing a client’s website. Deciding to hire an SEO is not an easy task since it can improve a website and save time but it can also significantly damage you site’s reputation. That is why it is always important to hire SEO consultants that offers excellent services for the improvement of your website.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization offers you variety of customized services that will give you maximum results which exceeds your goals! Our firm has set the standards for full and excellent service not only in search engine optimization but marketing as well. With our one-of-a-kind and broad range of search services, you are assured of optimized search and online visibility that surpasses your expectations.

Los Angeles Social Media Marketing Agency – Award Winning

Los Angeles Social Media Marketing

Wherever you look you receive offers promising you of high earnings using only your Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube, or even your MySpace accounts! Social Media plays a vital role in every internet marketer nowadays. It allows them to maximize their marketing campaigns at the same time generate revenues.

Important Aspects of Social Media Marketing:

  • Promotions. It pave way for companies, brands, even people to advertise their products and advocacy through  social media sites.
  • Buzz. Creating a buzz or amplifying a message is or can become viral in nature. It is what makes social media marketing work.
  • Conversations. Online conversations, user participation and dialogues are things that make marketing campaigns effective. It is important that people talk about your product. In this way, it can easily spread online.

Why Should You Practice Social Media Marketing?

  • Increase in traffic. Social media sites can be an excellent source of online traffic. Traffic from these online communities can be easily manipulated for as long as you have the right strategy unlike the traffic brought about be search engines.
  • Cost-effective. Benefits usually exceed costs.  Most of the social networking sites are free of charge. Using Social Media Marketing can save you thousand of dollars from buying links which, social media sites can give you for free.
  • Efficient and effective. It provides an instant connection between you and millions of internet users. Posting a message or an information can reach your target market or even a specific niche in matter of minutes.

Social Media is only at its best when  they’re making money.

Sad to say, those who try offers on generating revenues through social media will say that most, if not all of them were not effective methods of making money through social media marketing. It’s a fact that a huge percentage of marketing campaigns through social media fail to deliver maximum results as  promised.

Simple Performance Marketing will change all of this. With the best and knowledgeable people on board, the promise of making money with social media will not remain as “just a promise”. The aim of Los Angeles Social Media Marketing has always been fulfilled and that is to generate results for its clients. WE DELIVER RESULTS far better than any offer on the internet.

Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing Agency – Award Winning

Local Marketing sign with clouds and sky background

In competitive world of Internet marketing, all online businesses aim to get noticed and be on top. This is only possible if you ensure that your site shows on top whenever people search for goods and services.

Online businesses are similar to offline businesses. The 4Ps of marketing plays a vital part in order for your goods and services, and ideas to get noticed. With all those websites trying to sell anything through the internet, getting your business noticed is like finding a needle in a haystack. Differentiation and correct marketing strategies are the key.

It is through Search Engine Marketing that websites are promoted. It is by improving their SERP visibility. Search Engine Marketing also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of internet marketing that uses SEO and advertising.

Natural vs. Paid Keyword Search Engine Marketing

  • Natural. Public Relations is an example of natural SEM. Search Engine Optimization is good example of PR which makes it  natural SEM.
  • Paid  Search. Is just plain advertising such as paid  placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion.

With thousands of sites wanting to compete just to get noticed, how well are you assured that your website is performing well? Are you contented of being in the position you are in right now? Do you need more traffic on your site?

Bear in mind that bad marketing is expensive while a good one is a cheap investment. Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing assures you that even with stiff competition and ever-changing environment of internet marketing, we can still provide solutions and value-added services exclusively for your business.

In Simple Performance Marketing, we offer you customized PPC solutions, premium consulting and training, and so much more! Natural and Paid Keyword SEM are being used to maximize results. With our proven expertise in PPC, excellent and customized solutions for every client are assured depending on their preferences.

Social Media Marketing by Austin Locals – Award Winning

With Social Media Marketing as the new frontier in Internet Marketing nowadays, most people are now interested in making revenues out of their own Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, and other social media accounts. Social media is term which refers to social networking sites, blogs, forums, wikis, podcasts, etc.

There are some things to remember to be successful in the quest of generating revenues through social media:

Creating a Buzz. Buzz can be any newsworthy events, people videos, or even tweets that catch people attention and eventually become viral in nature. This is also an a unique and effective way to promote  ideas, products or services.

Promotions. Fan pages on Facebooks, Twitter, and MySpace are some of the ways which brands can further promote their products using different social media sites.

Conversations. You can only say that a  Social Media Marketing campaign  is successful when they became the “talk of the town” or the topic of every conversation online, be it in forums or famous blog sites.

Communities. Find your place under the sun. It is important that you know where to go when you have something in mind or to share. There are so many social communities online that might share the same ideas, beliefs, interests with you.

One major reason why there is a need for Social Media Marketing is because it increases the volume of online traffic. If you have successful link baits posted on social media sites, you might receive a huge amount of primary and secondary traffic.

  • Primary Traffic is the number of traffic you receive directly form a social media site like Digg, Reddit, etc.
  • Secondary Traffic is  the volume of referral  traffic from sites which link to you.

Practicing Social Media Marketing may take some time before one could see its benefits but here are some reasons to consider it:

  • Increase in Search Engine Rankings. A website that receives a large volume of traffic and natural, permanent links develops authority.
  • Cost-effective. Most social media sites are free of charge. Generally, in Social Media Marketing, benefits and revenues usually exceeds cost.

Simple Performance Marketing is a team of professional and knowledgeable people who has been in the Internet marketing industry for quite sometime. The best among those who offer full-service search marketing and optimization.

Austin Social Media Marketing offers an effective way to optimize your social media with the of few secret strategies that only unique to Simple Performance Marketing. In Austin Social Media Marketing, you are assured to get your money’s worth out of social!

Los Angeles Internet Marketing | Digital ROI Redefined

With the advancements in Information Technology, we are able to witness how the Internet brings media and information across continents and to its global audience. The Internet has made our lives easier not only in terms of information dissemination but for business as well.

Internet marketing also known as online marketing, web marketing, i-marketing, or e-marketing is a unique way in promoting businesses, products and services, as well as ideas through the internet. This gives both business owners and potential customers the ease of selling and purchasing a product without unnecessary human contact that often happens in a normal process of selling and buying of goods.

Marketing on the Internet is an excellent way for products and services to reach a wider market and can grow even more as time passes.

Advantages of Internet Marketing:

  • Cost-Effective. The ratio of cost against reach is very inexpensive. Internet marketing can reach thousands, even millions of people as long as you use the correct strategies and most appropriate marketing as compared to doing it the usual way.
  • Measurability. Internet Marketers have the capability of measuring marketing results, data, and trends in the internet. Pay per click, pay per impression, pay per play, pay per action are the famous methods of measurements.

Importance of Internet Marketing

  • Quality. With so many online marketer who wanted to sell their products online, the key is to ensure quality in your internet marketing strategies. The appropriate use of funds and finding the right people are two of the most vital things to consider.
  • Always choose a professional internet marketer to assist  in sending your message across to your target audience as well as give you maximum results after. There are only a handful of internet consultants among all those you might come across on the internet. They may not be the cheapest but in the end, it’s all worth it. Anyways, you are not looking for the cheapest  one but a profitable one.

Los Angeles Internet Marketing

Among those that promise you some positive results in your Internet Marketing campaigns, Simple Performance Marketing will be the most appropriate for the job! With the help of their high-caliber and experienced team of Internet Marketers, you are assured of getting the results you want in no time!

Austin – Small Business SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Most websites try so hard to get a higher ranking in search engines. For websites, search engines are considered to be the primary source of traffic. The more traffic could sometimes mean having more sales. Although there is no guarantee that the more visitors you get, the higher is your sales, Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most used strategies in Internet Marketing. Everyone wants their website to be noticed. Whatever your website is, you want it to be ranked higher than competition.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the volume of website visitors from search engines using a natural or unpaid search results. SEO targets different kinds of search such as image search, local search , video search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. With this, a website manager must consider that a website is using the correct tags, sensible contents with appropriate keywords, as  well as images and flash-based animation since it can help optimizing a site.

There is no concrete or universal strategies in getting higher or even improving search engine rankings. However, as a website manager, you might want to try out some basic tips to optimize your site.

  1. HTML Title Tags. Use keywords and phrases in your HTML title tag. Search engines gives the most importance in title tags than any other element on the page.
  2. Meta Tags. A sharp descriptive meta tag provides good value. It can make your website more attractive to visitors.
  3. Keywords in URLs. Using keywords in your URL is important since they are valued by search engines.
  4. No Duplicate Articles. Never try to post articles in multiple URLs since it can affect your position on SERPs
  5. 301 Redirect. Always provide a 301 redirect whenever you try to change URLs.
  6. URL Shorteners. Use a or URL shorteners to make sure that you get proper credits for the link.
  7. Google AdWords Keywords. Use the tool to identify the best keywords for your site.

Search Engine Optimization can generate revenues. But due to the ever-changing nature of search engines, one cannot be assured of consistent referrals. Thus, to assure that your site maintains a higher page rank, hiring an SEO should be considered.

Austin Search Engine Optimization has a team of knowledgeable and passionate people that can offer solutions based on your existing website’s performance. Every action and recommendation are carefully studied to ensure that it meets, and sometimes exceeds the clients expectations and goals.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Hermanns – Online Marketing Expert

Hi, I’m Jeremy Hermanns, and I’m a search engine marketing (SEM) expert. I’ve been working in search engine marketing for over ten years, beginning with my career as an affiliate marketer back in college.

After graduating, I was an analyst for Overture, the company that actually developed and patented Pay-Per-Click advertising, which is the most popular form of online advertising today. Overture licensed out the PPC patent to all the big players, including Google and Microsoft, and was eventually bought out by Yahoo.

I went on to work as an SEM expert at LegalZoom, and helped them grow into the popular service they’ve become today. These days I’m the VP of Marketing at Onestop, a marketing and design solution for over 40 major eCommerce companies.

As an SEM expert, I can tell you that Google AdWords is the premier source for advertising on the web. AdWords is the system through which Google sells advertisements based on keywords that people type in their search engine. In this course, we’ll be breaking down the process and tools you need to create a campaign,  AdWords campaign management, and promote your business by Adwords optimization. I’ll walk you through setting up an account, building your first campaign and understanding the hierarchy of AdWords so that you can really start gaining traffic.

Let’s begin with AdWords campaign management and AdWords optimization!

6 Ways Your Business Can Make Money on Facebook Today

In the modern age of marketing, social networking sites have played big roles in promoting businesses to make money online, and one of the largest social communities in the web today is Facebook (currently having 350 million users all over the world). It is a website where everyone can create, add or view personal information about an individual, company or product, as well as have the ability to contact them. It is a good field to target consumers.

Facebook has a number of applications one can use in advertising their business online. And in this article I have listed ideas on 6 ways your business can make money on Facebook today, by using some of those applications that Facebook provides to promote your brand.

  • Using Facebook Profile

If you are aiming to make money on products or business promotion, it would be best to have a profile dedicated to introduce the benefits of purchasing your merchandise (with useful contents), or the great services your business provides. You may start on adding your own friends who have Facebook accounts—post them inviting messages to view your product profile, or try adding random people whom you think would be possible customers.

  • Using Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook usually appear on the left hand side or on the user’s NewsFeed; this is one good way in diverting people’s attention towards what you are endorsing. However, the success of getting profit from your business ad depends on how well you present it—particularly on the picture, title and description. Facebook has two types of an advertisement system, the CPC (cost per click) wherein you get charged every time somebody clicks on your ad and CPM where you get charged on the number of times your ad shows up. At first post, you can choose to purchase an account credit depending on how many clicks you want to get (you can refill your account if credits run out). Facebook will keep track of your ad statistic and will give you reports on useful metrics which you can use as a basis on which areas of your ad need improvement.

  • Using Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is the social media’s application wherein you can promote or post classified ads for free under different categories. If you are looking forward to selling your product or endorse your business, the marketplace is available and accessible to probable customers to browse without signing up for the application; you can also take advantage of listing items with your affiliate or external links that lead to your main business web page (if you have any).

  • Using Facebook Events

Events application is installed by default in your Facebook account, if your bookmarked application is unedited, you may find this on the bottom navigation bar. This allows you to promote your business by creating events and inviting people from your network of contacts. It is another way of spreading the word out to people since you can add tag lines and choose your privacy, if you want to keep it open, closed or secret. And posting your events with proper details such as pictures, category and description can network you with potential clients.

  • Using Facebook Polls

You can gather information or survey from friends or visitors of your product or business profile by posting any question, which leads to promote your business. Here, you will be able to see insights and feedbacks from different people about varieties of topics which you can use to find ideas on how to sell your products or business to your target clients.

  • Using Facebook Groups

A group on Facebook is a free and simple way to create a community for your brand or company. You can create a page for friends, customers and partners to participate in various activities revolving around your product. It has boards for discussing topics, videos, photos and linking out of the box towards your official business website. You can also send updates, news and brand promotions to your group members, which arrive in their Inbox. This may encourage them to avail of your product.

Simple as these things may sound, however, creating strategies in marketing for this kind of platform requires a whole lot of creativity, determination, persuasion and faith in the business or brand you are promoting. And there are countless ways your business can make money online today—it is up to you to make them possible.

Austin Local Search Engine Marketing – Award Winning

Marketing is an important factor in selling a goods and services. Most businesses nowadays give much attention on how to market their products and services to the consumers. Online marketing is one way for bto compete with your competitions.

Internet Marketing has many forms and that include Search Engine Marketing or SEM.  Search Engine Marketing is done to increase website’s visibility in SERPs using search engine optimization and paid advertising. The increase of a website’s visibility can only happen if there is an increase in traffic or the number of people visiting the website. That is why every internet marketer wants to make sure that their website is appropriately optimized to increase visitors for better position in SERPs.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is another term used for Search Engine Marketing. It is considered to be highest ROI form among online marketing. For that alone, many are interested in maximizing their SEM to earn revenues using natural or paid keywords to optimize their websites.

One can identify Search Engine Marketing from other forms of marketing by two unique features:

  • Non-intrusive. Unlike other forms of advertising (offline or online), SEM or PPC has a nun-intrusive characteristic. That is, it does not interrupt consumer behavior.
  • The visits in your sites from search engines and directories are voluntary. It only mean that they prefer browsing your site than that of the competitors.

The question now is, with so many competition wanting to be noticed, are you ready to compete just to have a spot on top? Do you think that your existing Search Engine Marketing strategies can help you defend that spot later on?

With our proven SEM expertise, Austin Search Engine Marketing assures you that our team can offer you solutions that will improve you marketing ROI.

SIMPLE PERFORMANCE MARKETING offers a customized and structured PPC solutions, Landing Page Design and Development Services, as well as premium consulting and training for every client. Whatever your SEM issues and needs are, Simple Performance Marketing can offer you the best solutions and higher results than any other full-service search marketing and optimization services.

5 Things Google Absolutely Loves About WordPress

In the SEO business today, different platforms are used to manage all the internet marketing transaction. And one of the popular internet marketing tools nowadays is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most accessible blog publishing applications online, but aside from having the function of a regular blogging site; it is also used as a content management system (CMS) where it is used to handle workflow in a coordinated environment.

And because of the organized system that WordPress is offering, it allows bloggers or internet marketers to collaborate with the king of search engines, which is Google. This being said, there are numerous plugins which Google provides for the WordPress environment.

The 5 Things Google Loves about WordPress:

  • Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

It lets you add Google’s web tracking script to your site. It will generate your site statistic, and Google will be able to know your stats. In order to make use of this plugin, you must paste the code that Google Analytics will provide you for your site.

  • Easytube

To publish Google and Youtube Videos properly in your WordPress blog, Easytube plugin embeds Google and Youtube in your posts, which includes preview images of videos in your RSS feed.

  • Google Maps Plugins

This plugin will speedup the process of creating, inserting maps in your WordPress blog post. It works non-intrusively to keep your markup simple and clean.

  • Google XML Sitemaps Generator

It allows WordPress users to create sitemaps for their blogs. It helps readers find posts as your blog expands, and it helps search engines crawl and index any changes in your blog site.

  • Adsense / Google Display Network Manager

This plugin makes it simpler to position and maintain ads on your WordPress blogs. This plugin is useful for internet marketers running pay per click ads, because the plugin automatically generates the Adsense code and use widgets to move ads around your page.

Internet marketing has always been a complex business, but by choosing the proper tools to use in organizing or promoting your industry, success will come easily.