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CAUTION: All links Do Not Perform The Same

SEO Peeps – Please Prioritize your Linking Efforts Properly. The chart below should help you do it easily and quickly.

High Authority site links are worth 10x what Low Authority sites offer – so focus your linking efforts accordingly. Print this chart out and use it when you create your linking lists, and get best results for your hard work!

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The Dream Agency

I really enjoyed this bit from R/GA’s Barry Wacksman, in the article he wrote in AdAge a few days back. I enjoyed the whole piece, but this was my favorite portion:

If a client could build the dream agency today, what would it look like?

It would have a thorough understanding of how consumers think and feel, but also how they seek and make and share and transact. It would recognize that the lives of consumers have dramatically transformed in the past 10 years. In an era where Facebook has 350 million members and Google is the world’s most valuable media company, the idea that consumers lead increasingly digital lives isn’t debatable.

It wouldn’t be wedded to a specific craft such as TV or print. Nor would it only think about designing a website. It would do all of those things without bias toward any strategic or tactical solution.

This agency would have innovation at its core and the ability to craft campaigns to promote these innovations. But it would start with the innovation — not the other way around, as most traditional agencies reflexively deliver campaign ideas as the first step.

Data would be its guiding light. It would have the right people to mine the data, interpret it and, based on the results, provide direction on whether and how to proceed to achieve the best ROI.

It would produce things with efficiency and fidelity, recognizing that brilliant ideas can fall apart with poor execution (a bad user interface, for example). It would understand that clients have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver massive amounts of content via free media channels such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as owned media channels, such as their own websites, mobile apps and Twitter feeds.

Whichever agency gets to this state of Nirvana first is likely to be the most important strategic and creative partner for clients — even if it’s no longer called a “lead” agency. So, who will get there first?

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Top Survey Results – Most Common Benefits of Social Media:

  • 81% – Generate exposure for my Business
  • 61% – Increased my Traffic/Subscriber/Opt-in List Count
  • 56% – Resulted in New Business Partnerships
  • 52% – Helped us Improve Rankings (SEO)
  • 48% – Generated Qualified Leads
  • 45% – Reduced my overall Marketing expenses
  • 35% – Helped Close New Business

Social Media is growing and not going away, Companies must engage their Brand and Product Users before the competition does!

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Outsourced Affiliate Marketing Services that Work

Here at Simple Performance Marketing we KNOW Affiliate Marketing like the back of our hands. Our experienced Super Affiliate Team can dramatically increase your sales, and completely outsource your Affiliate Marketing Program – no headache, no hassle, lower cost, scalable white-label services.

We have helped dozens of Companies start, migrate, and grow their Affiliate Marketing infrastructure -our proven process for setting up, and transferring existing platforms to our white label setup will insure your Affiliate Program works right on day 1!

Our Services Include:

Starter Affiliate Edition

  • 30% of Sales Monthly (up to $50K)
  • $500 USD Setup
  • Up to 250,000 Clicks per Month
  • Basic Access to Features
  • Free Subdomain (ie:
  • Chat and Email Support
  • 99.5% SLA Guaranteed Uptime

Professional Affiliate Edition

  • 25% of Sales Monthly ($50K- $100K)
  • $1,000 USD Setup (Minimum)
  • Up to 500,000 Clicks per Month
  • Access to All Features
  • Custom Application Domain (ie:
  • Custom Tracking Domain (ie:
  • Custom Branded Layout by our Graphics Team
  • Chat and Email Support plus 5 Phone Tickets
  • Data Migration of Existing Offers, Products, Services, Advertisers and Affiliates
  • 99.8% SLA Guaranteed Uptime

Enterprise Affiliate Edition

  • 20% of Sales Monthly ($100K+)
  • $1,500 USD Setup (Minimum)
  • Unlimited Click Volume
  • Unlimited Access to all features
  • Extended Chat, Email and Phone Support
  • Advanced Data Migration of Offers, Products, Services, Advertisers and Affiliates
  • Custom Application Domain
  • Custom Tracking Domain
  • Custom Branded Layout by our Graphics Team
  • Dedicated Server Resources for Increased Performance
  • Increased Storage Limits
  • 99.8% SLA Guaranteed System Uptime

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Search Marketing Buyer Lifecycle

Find Customers at All Stages of the research/buying lifecycle!
*For Coffee Lovers

  • Discover
    • “coffee machine” | General/Category top level term, may be mix of early stages and late stages
  • Research
    • “coffee machine review” or ” compare coffee machines” | Consumer not quite ready to buy -might be influenced by marketing messages that concern benefits of a particular unit/type
  • Compare
    • “cheap coffee machines” | Consumer is much closer to the purchase stage but price sensitive
    • “best coffee machine” “top rated coffee machines”| Consumer is not ‘ready’ to buy (yet!) but is easily influences by marketing messages concerning benefits of a particular type/unit/feature
  • Purchase
    • “Pasquini Livietta” | Consumer had a Brand and Model in mind and is ready to purchase due to the specific model numberand Brand preference indicated in the query.

I hope that helps explain the Search Marketing Consumer Buyer Lifecycle.

P.s.: Yes I am a coffee addict and hobbyist | My Pasquini Livietta Brew Rig is Below 😉

Why Getting Things Done and K.I.S.S are Very Important! [GTD+KISS=SUCCESS]

Getting Things Done (commonly abbreviated as GTD) is a method created by David Allen, and described in a book of the same name. Both “Getting Things Done” and “GTD” are USPTO registered trademarks of the David Allen Company (numbers 2431583 and 3591195).[1]

GTD rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally. That way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.

In 2005, Wired called GTD “A new cult for the info age”,[9] describing the enthusiasm for this methodology among information technology and knowledge workers as a kind of cult following. Allen’s ideas have also been popularized through the Internet, especially via blogs such as Lifehacker,[10] 43 Folders,[11] and The Simple Dollar.[12]

KISS is an acronym for the design principle “keep it simple and stupid”, most commonly read as the backronym “keep it simple, stupid!”,[1] or sometimes “keep it short and simple”.[2] The KISS principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

The acronym was first coined by Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works (creators of the Lockheed U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes, among many others).

While popular usage translates is as ‘Keep it simple, stupid’, Johnson translated it as ‘Keep it simple and stupid’, and this reading is still used by many authors.[3] There was no implicit meaning that an engineer was stupid; just the opposite.

The principle is best exemplified by the story of Johnson handing a team of design engineers a handful of tools, with the challenge that the jet aircraft they were designing must be repairable by an average mechanic in the field under combat conditions with only these tools. Hence, the ‘stupid’ refers to the relationship between the way things break and the sophistication available to fix them.

Some propose that it follow its own advice by dropping the redundant letter and be just KIS, “keep it simple”.

In my Life KISS and GTD have been very important values and beliefs – we too at Simple Performance Marketing believe the same! [GTD+KISS=SUCCESS]

SEO is for Every Business Type!

SEO is for Every Business Type

  • Real Estate Agent / Broker
  • Accountant / Lawyer
  • Dentist / Orthodontist
  • Architect / Designer
  • Doctor / Specialist
  • Locksmith / Plumber
  • Nail Salon / Massage
  • Retail / Restaurant
  • Online Business
  • Etc…

ALL Businesses online or offline can be helped with SEO and Internet Marketing!

SEO Addresses Multiple Objectives

  • Reach more than 80% of Internet users
  • Credibility / Brand Perception
  • Target your audience with customized messaging
  • Attract thousands of new visitors
  • Long term solution, the results of an SEO campaign last
  • Cumulative returns, the promotional effect of it will be working 24 hours a day.
  • The ROI of SEO is amongst the highest of any form of marketing
  • Cost-effective customer acquisition
  • Fixed, manageable costs (20x less than PPC)

Why SEO is more Cost Effective than PPC?

  • It’s where the majority of click traffic is generated!
  • The clicks are Free
  • Cumulative long term returns
  • People trust Organic Links more
  • Users want “long tail” keyword results
  • More Title and Description space
  • Over 50% more clicks per query than PPC or Sponsored Listings

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5 Unlikely Link Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Getting your site noticed is a tough (yet accomplishable) task in the SEO and Internet marketing industry today. The web can provide you with all the necessary tools on how to get your desired traffic. And one good way in a promotional campaign to endorse your site is through link sourcing or link building.

There are countless link sources out there, so where to start? Let us get off from the ‘usual’ for now; in this post, I have listed the5 Unlikely Link Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of, with the help of doing some online research.

1. Reviews on any product or service
Putting up product reviews or service that link back to your site is a good way for your campaign. Systems allow end users to find items on a particular topic, and links are provided for those items or other resources relevant to it, and these are called item-level links.


2. Press Release- PR sites
Distribute a press release effectively, making sure they are written professionally and newsworthy. Some examples of those free press release sites are:,,,, and so on.


3. Topic related sites
Linking to sites that have the same theme or subject is essential, because it is considered the lowest quality of backlinks if you do not target your own niche. Backlinks from blogs are also good for reciprocal promotions with honest evaluation.


4. Testimonials on websites
Testimonials are written personally to commend a product, individual or a company. This was a good advertising tool to influence decisions of consumers to purchase products, and is a simple yet valuable way in link sourcing. One example for this is a simple testimonial from a client in a website called, wherein he was happy about the service that was provided to him, thus, he may set up backlinks from his site with as a recommendation for other future clients.

e.g. Testimonial:

“Working with Site Update Service was simple and rewarding. The staff was very easy to work with and friendly.”
Roy Munson, Utah, USA

Online Retail Marketing


5. Social bookmarking sites
It is a good source for the free backlinks. It allows users to post their sites organized in category, then the other users can bookmark and add them to their own collection or maybe share them with other users. Examples of popular bookmarking sites are: Mixx, Squidoo, Diigo,, and more.

This list of “5 Unlikely Sources You Probably Didn’t Think Of is just an idea that might help, because in Internet Marketing, building links are all about page ranking and getting noticed in your online community. This type of search engine strategy is a wide road to walk on, but if you know where to go to…getting lost would not be a problem.