How Do Advertising Agencies Help A Business?

You might think of advertising agencies as controlling big, large, extensive ad campaigns for well-established brands. But surprisingly, most of the advertising agencies today are making their money by running ad campaigns for small companies or entrepreneurs and by placing advertising in local media. A good advertising agency with proper planning can benefit business of any class or size. All you need to do is use the best strategy to use your advertising agency for your business.

There are several ways of advertising; it can be anything from your shop banner or a website to an advertisement in TV channels, newspaper, a trade magazine or a 30-second radio slot. And an advertising agency can help you run your business in more extensive way and make you stand out of your competitors, eventually.

For example; Los Angeles advertising agencies can actually help you increase your sales by advertising about your product or services. They can tell customers about the implementations brought into your services, inform them about the newly launched products. An impressive ad can change people’s attitudes and perspective of your business. They can help you with Brand development.


Ad agency provides Expertise

The main reason behind entrepreneurs turning to advertising agencies is the expertise and specialized knowledge. Small scale businesses usually lack their own marketing department, and thus they are in dire need of the depth of expertise which only a good agency can provide. These agencies have easy access to other experts who can provide the required knowledge and help. Small agencies usually have a specification in one particular area of expertise, so always choose your ad-agency carefully.  Local and specialist advertising agency can help you reach a targeted audience

They can help you Save Time

Another advantage of hiring an advertising agency is you do not need to spend time promoting your business or developing a campaign for advertisement, and thus you save your valuable time.  Most business owners are busy running their business, and if they take up another responsibility of advertising, it can lead to chaos. So, hire an agency and stop yourself from wasting both energy and time.

You get to save money too!

You might think that hiring an advertising agency will be expensive. But when you look with a better perspective, you’ll find that they can eventually save you a lot of money and time as well. A good advertising campaign can zoom up the size of your potential buyers and thus expand your business.  They can easily redesign ads to get more effective results and win you good results.

Advertising agencies like Los Angeles Digital Agency can help you with developing a particular market niche or position in industry. This can be done by developing a distinct brand for your business and thus help you stand out from your competitors.

Smart advertising agencies will boost your short-term sales, acquire more customers to visit your website, help you establish awareness of your business and make your business the first choice for customers.


5 Great Examples of Brand Pages on Facebook

Social Media have been playing a big role when it comes to online marketing, ever since technology found itself entangled in the complex World Wide Web.

One of the most popular social networking sites available today is Facebook, where people from different places or continents, speaking in various languages—meet and connect. This has also been the field for big companies aiming to reach a wider variety of consumers.

Some of these Great Brand Examples are:

Dunkin Donuts

Offering “perks” for users enrolling in their apps, which is a good step in reaching out to their fans/consumers. By submitting pictures on the brand’s wall, they get users running to be chosen as “fan of the week” which is a simple, yet, effective way in online marketing and advertising the company brand.

Bushells Tea

An Australian local tea brand which chose to focus on social network marketing than spending big bucks on standard promotion, has quickly built up a following, at a rate of 1,000 fans per month. They engage consumers to participate in the site by promoting their presence as part of conversation that seems to come in a cup of tea. Bushells has deepened the sense of brand loyalty to their target market.


It has more than 7.5 million members, actively participating in customer feedbacks about the popular coffee store brand, which leads to the community deciding the flavor of the brand’s next coffee.

Red Bull

They target audiences and engage people with interesting contents. They have “Red Bull athletes” who post regular comments available through their “athlete” Facebook’s tab. They have fan only downloads and “procrastination station” where you can play games by racing “the bull”.

Victoria’s Secret Pink

They have a clever and interactive brand page. They show various features, all these leading to their website. Fans can play games with leader boards advertising their products. Their front page is themed which keeps changing from time to time that refreshes interest to their target consumers.

Facebook surely enables a brand to have a personality and identity to whatever demands their target consumers has. And this makes online marketing on social media sites more effective.

10 Google Services You Should Be Using

Through the power of the World Wide Web today, Google has provided a mass of applications and services with different tools aiming to give relevant information and access to the modern world.

There are hundreds of Google’s services available today, falling in numerous categories such as: advertising, search, business solutions, development, location, online shopping, mobile services, personal productivity, communication, and other.

I have gathered different information from the internet and personally picked out 10 Google Services you should be using for your own online needs.

1. Google Search

It is a popular and most-used search engine, which is owned by Google Inc., it also provides the Advance Search where it gives options for a more precise and useful result.

2. Google Blog Search

If you are more into the blogging field, Google’s Blog Search will help you find useful and content-rich blog topics in your own niche.

3. Google Adsense

This free service is appropriate for website owners or publishers who want to find internet marketing solutions online to match their site and earn money through it.

4. Google Apps

It is a business solution service from Google, which features several web applications for your working organization. Google Apps provide service for business, education and for personal use.

5. Google Analytics

This service features solutions to internet marketer’s to analyze their data traffic and marketing effectiveness, thus helping them to create good converting websites and creative marketing strategies.

6. Google Web Directory

Web Directory from Google provides a collection of links from the internet selected by the Open Directory editors that determines high quality pages and sorted by the patented PageRank technology for SEO needs.

7. Google Trends

It is a tool used in comparing search terms or topics with relative search volumes from around the world and in different language.

8. Google Product Search

This service is dedicated to online shoppers and consumers in helping them to find products and merchandise easily, as well as links to stores where they could purchase them.

9. Google Earth

This Google service helps you navigate the map of the world through satellite imagery using your own PC. You can find locations, driving directions, distances between places and more.

10. Google Docs

This is a free service from Google that allows users to upload, save, and edit web based documents and spreadsheets. Users can also share or invite other users to view or edit files, and can be accessed from any other computer. These files are stored in Google’s secure servers. Google Docs is now commonly used by web based clients in the BPO industry.

This list of 10 Google Services you should be using is just a part of the huge arena of services that Google provides, all with the purpose of making technology both useful and beneficial.

5 Reasons to Maintain a Brand Presence on MySpace

MySpace is one of the social media sites in trend today. It is where you can create your own page; customize backgrounds, upload pictures or videos, and where you can meet people from all over the world.

However, apart from being a “socializing” site, MySpace can also be a platform for internet marketing. This social media site is a big network of different companies or entrepreneurs promoting various brands to online shoppers. This being said, we can find many reasons to maintain a brand presence on MySpace. A few of these are:

1. Constant Connection

As a strategy in internet marketing, in order to build up credibility to consumers, a brand must stay connected to its audience in a day-to-day basis. And since MySpace has millions of users going online everyday, a business company best connects with their target clients using the site.

2. Global Reach

Maintaining your brand presence in a social media site like MySpace opens up a lot of opportunities with marketing your own brand, not just locally but all over the globe. This will extend the area of endorsement you are aiming for.

3. Multimedia Features

Free multimedia features are available for users in this site, which can be used as tools in both maintaining your brand’s page and its advocacy.

4. Build Good Relationship

Internet marketing is about building relationship to other individuals or corporation to keep the revenue coming. MySpace provides a pool of new marketers online wherein you will be able to see potential consumers or business partners.

5. External Marketing

MySpace provides applications for users and internet marketers to communicate or send out their messages to other people. Some examples of this are; bulletin boards, profile posts and emails, as well as pay per click ads.

In the SEO marketing world today, maintaining your brand presence online is a good key point in keeping your business running. And social media sites are wide fields to put that strategy in action.

5 Reasons to Spend More on Bing

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft. It is considered as one of Google’s big competitors in the search engine optimization business today.  Some critics say that Bing’s search capability is more precise than of Google, because it brings out results more relevant to the search query.

Recently, there are a lot of debates online on which search engine offers better and effective pay per click programs. In this post, I have listed 5 reasons to spend more on Bing, especially for your ppc campaigns. I will not claim expertise on anything, but I just want to share my ideas on this.

5 Reasons to Spend More on Bing:

1. Doubled Market Share

Online studies and statistics show that Bing has doubled its market share, especially in the US. Consumer pay per click programs has been working for the search platform. Advertisers want to magnify their reach beyond the usual search engines and Bing has convinced them to be an alternative.

2. Ad friendly designs

Bing’s interface directs users to look at both sides of the page. Bing’s design has related links on the left of the screen while sponsored results on placed at the right, thus, enabling your ads get noticed by users and possible clients.

3. Good results with product info

If your target consumer seeks for something to buy online, Bing provides the product details like the price and image. These search results will help consumers choose on the link to click based on the reviews. Bing will give your company product and services a better chance to get noticed by the users.

4. Specific travel results

For jet setters wanting to find traveling information, Bing provides specified results by entering the “from and to” location, class of travel, stops and more. So if you are running a pay per click campaign for a travel industry, consumers would get the chance to view your company here.

5. Groups

Bing organizes products online into groups, depending on consumer’s preference. Products can be sorted according to features, price, ease of use, as well as free shipping for some products are available. This is good for ppc campaigns, because companies can be sorted according to their niche.

Making money and spending it on SEO is now a major trend with many business companies. However, your industry’s success will depend on how good your strategy is. There are a number of unlisted reasons to spend more on Bing when it comes to your pay per click campaigns, and the information provided above are some of those things which can be considered.

How to Find Your Target Consumer on Twitter

Twitter.com is a popular microblogging site all over the world today. This social media is called microblogging, since it will only let you post messages and updates on your profile for up to 140 characters- just like the standard in text messaging. Thus, it is considered the “SMS of the Internet”.

It has gained popularity across the world and is used even by notable and high profiled individuals (like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey). However, Twitter is not just a regular social media site—it is also the gateway in targeting possible consumers for internet marketing.

As an admitted subscriber, I saw different ways on targeting possible clients on Twitter. And by doing some Internet reading, I came up with the list of ideas on how to find your target consumer on Twitter.

1. Add people you know

Start with your friends. If you have people you know who uses Twitter, you can ask them to follow you. This enables you to do internet marketing strategy like tweet promotions to them which they may take an interest upon.

2. Be on WeFollow.com

WeFollow is an organized list of Twitter users arranged by topic or catalogue. Here, you may be able to find people in your niche by choosing your category, as well as add yourself in so more people could find you, which may lead them to view your profile and get informed of your business.

3. Twitter Search them

Twitter has a search box where you can pick trend topics in line with your industry, and find people of the same interest as yours.

4. Find people in Twellow

Twellow is the online yellow page of Twitter, which categorizes users into different industries. It grabs public messages from Twitter.com, then organizes them in appropriate categories that help in narrowing the search you want for people in your niche.

5. RSS Feed

Exposing your business blog content is a good way in getting a large number of Twitter users. TwitterFeed is a free service to send out your blog post to Twitter via your RSS feed, which can be a good internet marketing strategy in getting your desired consumers.

6. Target people in your region

You may find people in your market by using TwitterLocal.com, where you can market to your own local area. You can search consumers near you since it allows you to filter tweets by location.

7. Join Groups

Twibes.com allows you to find and join groups of people with common interests. You can see each member of the group you chose and send out your message or business proposals to them. You may also create your own group as well.

There are many other different strategies in internet marketing and finding your target consumer on Twitter. However, it is very important to be the type of person or business that people will choose to follow. Build a good relationship to other entrepreneurs of the same industry in using this social media platform. This will be more rewarding than anything else.

5 Meta-tagging Do’s and Don’ts

Meta-tags are key parts of search engine optimization (SEO). They make websites accessible to search engines. Basically, Meta tags are HTML or XHTML codes, unseen by users, placed at the head of the web page such as the Meta description and keywords (as the most important with regards to the website categorization). Examples for this are:

For Meta Description tag

<meta name=”DESCRIPTION” content=”The text you want goes here”>

For meta keywords

<meta name=”KEYWORDS”=”your chosen keywords here”>

For Title tags

<title>TITLE HERE</title>

In this article, I have accumulated a list of 5 Meta-tagging Do’s and Don’ts by doing a web research. This list will not claim expertise with anything, but merely just for helping out the “information seekers”.

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Meta-tagging:

1. Don’t put irrelevant keywords.

Never insert words in the Meta keyword tags that does not relate to your site. People would not want to be directed to inappropriate websites. Make sure to put in keywords that also exist in the whole content.

2. Don’t repeat keywords.

Do not repeat keywords more than three times, avoid keyword duplication for it will surely get your site penalized, make sure to separate keywords with or without using commas and important terms should be located at the beginning.

3. Do create good Meta Description tag.

Words in the description will be used by search algorithms from search engines to get a view of your website. A well written description will draw attention to searches; write descriptions less than 500 characters to avoid spamming.

4. Don’t replicate Title tag.

It is important for title tags to be specific in each different page of a website, do not just use the same title tag with each page for it will not bring target traffic to each of those pages.

5. Do use Meta Robots tag.

Most of the search engines support Meta robots tag to specify pages in the website which should not be indexed by the search engine.  Using alternative Meta robots tag for page indexing is unnecessary since crawlers will automatically follow the links to every page of a web site.

There are a number of other Meta tags that could be used for website optimization, as well as many rules and advice on how to handle them properly.  However, all in all, the success of a website in the SEO business still remains on how useful, relevant, up-to-date and valuable the content is.

6 Ways Your Business Can Make Money on Facebook Today

In the modern age of marketing, social networking sites have played big roles in promoting businesses to make money online, and one of the largest social communities in the web today is Facebook (currently having 350 million users all over the world). It is a website where everyone can create, add or view personal information about an individual, company or product, as well as have the ability to contact them. It is a good field to target consumers.

Facebook has a number of applications one can use in advertising their business online. And in this article I have listed ideas on 6 ways your business can make money on Facebook today, by using some of those applications that Facebook provides to promote your brand.

1. Establish a Facebook Profile

If you are aiming to make money on products or business promotion, it would be best to have a profile dedicated to introduce the benefits of purchasing your merchandise (with useful contents), or the great services your business provides. You may start on adding your own friends who have Facebook accounts—post them inviting messages to view your product profile, or try adding random people whom you think would be possible customers.

2. Use Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook usually appear on the left hand side or on the user’s NewsFeed; this is one good way in diverting people’s attention towards what you are endorsing. However, the success of getting profit from your business ad depends on how well you present it—particularly on the picture, title and description. Facebook has two types of an advertisement system, the CPC (cost per click) wherein you get charged every time somebody clicks on your ad and CPM where you get charged on the number of times your ad shows up. At first post, you can choose to purchase an account credit depending on how many clicks you want to get (you can refill your account if credits run out). Facebook will keep track of your ad statistic and will give you reports on useful metrics which you can use as a basis on which areas of your ad need improvement.

3. Be in the Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is the social media’s application wherein you can promote or post classified ads for free under different categories. If you are looking forward to selling your product or endorse your business, the marketplace is available and accessible to probable customers to browse without signing up for the application; you can also take advantage of listing items with your affiliate or external links that lead to your main business web page (if you have any).

4. Organize Facebook Events

Events application is installed by default in your Facebook account, if your bookmarked application is unedited, you may find this on the bottom navigation bar. This allows you to promote your business by creating events and inviting people from your network of contacts. It is another way of spreading the word out to people since you can add tag lines and choose your privacy, if you want to keep it open, closed or secret. And posting your events with proper details such as pictures, category and description can network you with potential clients.

5. Create a Facebook Poll

You can gather information or survey from friends or visitors of your product or business profile by posting any question, which leads to promote your business. Here, you will be able to see insights and feedbacks from different people about varieties of topics which you can use to find ideas on how to sell your products or business to your target clients.

6. Build your Facebook Group

A group on Facebook is a free and simple way to create a community for your brand or company. You can create a page for friends, customers and partners to participate in various activities revolving around your product. It has boards for discussing topics, videos, photos and linking out of the box towards your official business website. You can also send updates, news and brand promotions to your group members, which arrive in their Inbox. This may encourage them to avail of your product.

Simple as these things may sound, however, creating strategies in marketing for this kind of platform requires a whole lot of creativity, determination, persuasion and faith in the business or brand you are promoting. And there are countless ways your business can make money online today—it is up to you to make them possible.

5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Online Business Marketing

Social Networking isn’t just a trend. It is a valuable way in sending the message to a wider field of people in different genres—especially when it comes to marketing your business online.

I won’t claim that I’m an expert when it comes to the complex business world, but as a subscriber to numerous social media sites, I have proven that it is indeed one good way in getting the message to your targeted audience (having been invited to “be a fan of” or “join the group” by some friends or by people I have never even seen in my life…I’ll LOL to that).

In this article, I will share some insights that may come useful in internet marketing using some popular social networking sites. I have gathered information on which social media sites’ people commonly use these days, and so I came up with the top 5 social networking sites for online business marketing. And here they are:

1. Facebook- www.facebook.com > you can create a fan page or a group by inviting random people to join, or add your own friends and endorse your business to them. Some may just ignore it but 40 to 50 percent of the time, people would get their attention caught (just make sure you have an appealing slogan for it). You can also make campaigns in Facebook Ads, set up Events, and create Facebook Apps for your business or use Facebook connect to link directly from your business site or blog.

2. Twitterwww.twitter.com > as a micro blogging site, it will only allow you to post messages of less than 140 characters. However, you can easily join and listen into conversations from thousands of individuals (including high profiled ones) which you can take advantage in pushing out the message of your business to different people.

3. YouTube- www.youtube.com > this is the biggest video marketing site, but rather than being just another site visitor, you might want to consider creating your own YouTube channel to market your business. You will have the ability to create and arrange contents in one location through your YouTube URL, and you could also link back to your own business website URL, or you can post video replies for other people in your business niche.

4. MySpace- http://www.myspace.com > just like Facebook (except it allows page customization) MySpace is another social media site where you can see numerous individuals as potential target customers for your business. You may add people in your niche or post bulletins to your friends with details of what your business offers. You may also leave relevant comments to somebody’s page where you can insert links to your business website.

5. Squidoo- www.squidoo.com > a well known website that let users create content on the site, which is called a “Lens”, to market or promote their business. In the Lens, you will be able to put up creative definitions about what your business does and the services you offer. Squidoo pages rank well on major search engines and tend to drive high traffic to external web pages.

In the SEO world, the success and failure of your industry do not solely depend on creating pages in popular networking sites for online business marketing, it is also very important to put quality services in association with relevant and useful information, which prioritize the benefits of your consumers.

Barriers to Social Media Adoption

Top Reasons Companies Avoid The Social Media Game:
Don’t Know Enough about it (37%)
Difficult to Measure (37%)
No Budget (26%)
No Resources/Time (25%)
Not Proven or Tested (19%)
Legal Constraints / Corporate Policy (15%)
Social Media is not good use of employee time (7%)

Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.
– Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog

Social networks are where consumers feel comfortable expressing their feelings—good or bad—about companies, products and services. Marketers, retailers and social networks have an opportunity to tap into this stream of information-sharing.
– Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer

Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done there is surprise it’s not better.
− Avinash Kaushik, Google


Latest Social Media Usage Statistics:

• 41% of the US Internet user population visited a social network in 2008
• 44% of Internet users will visit a social network monthly in 2009
• Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans who use social media interact with companies on social media sites
• 85% of social media users thought companies should interact with their consumers through social

The Social Media landscape is a huge opportunity for your Brand or Product to get noticed – don’t let this window of time pass by!

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Top Survey Results – Most Common Benefits of Social Media:

  • 81% – Generate exposure for my Business
  • 61% – Increased my Traffic/Subscriber/Opt-in List Count
  • 56% – Resulted in New Business Partnerships
  • 52% – Helped us Improve Rankings (SEO)
  • 48% – Generated Qualified Leads
  • 45% – Reduced my overall Marketing expenses
  • 35% – Helped Close New Business

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Search Marketing Buyer Lifecycle

Find Customers at All Stages of the research/buying lifecycle!
*For Coffee Lovers

  • Discover
    • “coffee machine” | General/Category top level term, may be mix of early stages and late stages
  • Research
    • “coffee machine review” or ” compare coffee machines” | Consumer not quite ready to buy -might be influenced by marketing messages that concern benefits of a particular unit/type
  • Compare
    • “cheap coffee machines” | Consumer is much closer to the purchase stage but price sensitive
    • “best coffee machine” “top rated coffee machines”| Consumer is not ‘ready’ to buy (yet!) but is easily influences by marketing messages concerning benefits of a particular type/unit/feature
  • Purchase
    • “Pasquini Livietta” | Consumer had a Brand and Model in mind and is ready to purchase due to the specific model numberand Brand preference indicated in the query.

I hope that helps explain the Search Marketing Consumer Buyer Lifecycle.

P.s.: Yes I am a coffee addict and hobbyist | My Pasquini Livietta Brew Rig is Below 😉

SEO is for Every Business Type!

SEO is for Every Business Type

  • Real Estate Agent / Broker
  • Accountant / Lawyer
  • Dentist / Orthodontist
  • Architect / Designer
  • Doctor / Specialist
  • Locksmith / Plumber
  • Nail Salon / Massage
  • Retail / Restaurant
  • Online Business
  • Etc…

ALL Businesses online or offline can be helped with SEO and Internet Marketing!

SEO Addresses Multiple Objectives

  • Reach more than 80% of Internet users
  • Credibility / Brand Perception
  • Target your audience with customized messaging
  • Attract thousands of new visitors
  • Long term solution, the results of an SEO campaign last
  • Cumulative returns, the promotional effect of it will be working 24 hours a day.
  • The ROI of SEO is amongst the highest of any form of marketing
  • Cost-effective customer acquisition
  • Fixed, manageable costs (20x less than PPC)

Why SEO is more Cost Effective than PPC?

  • It’s where the majority of click traffic is generated!
  • The clicks are Free
  • Cumulative long term returns
  • People trust Organic Links more
  • Users want “long tail” keyword results
  • More Title and Description space
  • Over 50% more clicks per query than PPC or Sponsored Listings

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