Online Reputation management services in Los Angeles

The already existing as well as the start-up companies is striving for identification in the net world, to effectively attract the clients. The focus is not just diverting the client’s attention to the web but making their webpage a recognizable one.

Now what you do see when you enter your company or band name in Google? Do you witness swindle reports or drinking photos? Most of the company web updates hardly offer relevant information. It is here where the role of reputation management services pop in. These management services help professionally build your company or brand in the internet so that people get a proper access of the information you wish to provide. Reputation Management Los Angeles experts are ready to meet the challenges.

What makes Reputation Management so important to Los Angeles Firms?

The competition is mounting day by day. Every company desires perfection in work. They spend a lot of money and time in building a strong reputation. And this can be easily hampered by online trolls or by any misstep. It is imperative for every business to have a good online reputation and for this the reputation management is required to monitor, enhance and protect your brand.


The following are common problems seen that hampers the reputation:

The reviews: Are you selling a product or providing a service? If it’s a yes, then there is possibility of someone writing reviews about your service or product. This certainly has greater implication in building your reputation. After all, it is the customer’s satisfaction and feedback that keeps your business running. The negative reviews have both advantages and disadvantages. The negative feedback will help you learn your need-to-improve areas and hence direct you towards taking correct steps. But at the same time, if you witness an unsatisfied customer with revenge in mind, then you will certainly face a problem for his flooding negative comments on your webpage.

Impact of Negative Press: If you have past bad record of any controversies or other suits, then it will a direct impact on your online search results.

Irrelevant information or lack of information: All that counts in the web world is words. What you write and how you write. Customers look to beneficial and logical information and if your webpage fails to provide that, it is certain for you to face a bad feedback. In this Google-friendly world, you got make your write-ups user friendly, user-readable and highly informative.

So what is the role of Reputation management Los Angeles? 

Reputation Management Los Angeles doesn’t just simply control the damage. They look to maintain and develop the kind of reputation you want to present to the world. You really don’t need to have a wardrobe of skeletons to profit from reputation management. Any company or business can see effective result from this growing field. You do not have to get control over your reputation, the public will do it. The management experts keep in mind the public choices and demand, and hence build your image in that direction.

How does SEO Company help you improve your online presence and expand your business?

SEO firms provides services for search engine optimization which helps to increase the amount of visitors to your Web site. This is done by obtaining high-ranking positions in the search results page of search engines (both off-page and on-page factors included!). Entrepreneurs and businesses hire SEO service provider which helps to improve its Google search result and improve ranking in the listings.

How do they work?

SEO Company Los Angeles develops, extend and deliver the best Search Engine Optimization solutions. Their Search engine optimization processes website development and IT enabled solutions. These IT enabled solutions are designed in accordance with the SEO guidelines given by Google. A useful and effective content encourages visitors to link to your web pages and shows Google that your pages are interesting and useful.

A good rated web page appears top in the search listing, for Google wants to show interesting and popular pages in its search results.  It promotes authority pages and places it among the top of its ranking. So, the job of SEO Company is to develop pages that become authority pages.

SEO always start their job with research and analysis. The developer knows that every client is different, every website is different, and every industry is different and so is the need to work differently. They research their client’s customer base, their online presence and then plan to work accordingly.

They do not have a set formula to make a business succeed, for there are too many variables. One strategy may work very well with a client, but there is no guarantee that it will do the same with other client.

Why do you need to approach an SEO company?

SEO company Los Angeles have experts who strive hard to solve problems associated with this and overcome challenges. A good SEO firm prepares and plan well in order to avoid doing loads of work but never getting succeeded or reaching the intended destination.

SEO developers work by identifying and researching keywords. This helps to recognize those which will produce the best results for the client once good rankings have been achieved. Keywords research is a must and so an ideal keyword is searched for a lot. They must be relevant to the client’s business, and must not being getting targeted heavily by competition.

They take the benefit of Google Analytics; this is done by reviewing past performance through it or with another web analytics tool. These tools are beneficial as they may reveal positive or negative trends and opportunities for the improvement.

SEO Company Los Angeles makes the best use of complex SEO Semantic Coding. This is one of the most special and extremely brilliant coding systems which include a troubleshooting problem page. The troubleshooting problem page consists of Meta tags, permalinks and many of the kind. Free Google technique will thus translate and a lot more people will be able to find you in Google. This eventually earns you more lead, traffic and customers as a consequence.

Google Finally Declares the Official Update of Penguin 4.0

Google has finally confirmed the release of the latest Penguin-related ranking changes. When it comes to various algorithm fluctuations or major updates like Penguin or Panda, Google is pretty steady. We have already seen some important changes to SERP layouts and a number of tweaks such as mobile-friendly update (Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP) and RankBrain obviously. Now, it declares the installation of Penguin algorithm update in all languages, which majority of us in the search community call it as “Penguin 4.0”.

In his Whiteboard Friday, Rand (of fame) talks of the past, present and future of Penguin. Extending his analysis on the roll out so far, Rand discusses about the major changes in the operation of Penguin. If you have got SEO (search engine optimization) related strategies, SEO Company in Los Angeles must know how Penguin can affect you.

Penguin has undergone an inconstant series of adjustment that is Penguin 2.0 and 3.0, and a number of minor updates, what we name as “refreshes”. But the updates made in Penguin, was not steady, unlike the other Google search algorithms. It was exposed to episodic data refreshers, which could update your current link profile as per Google’s interpretation.  The previous update was done in 2014- Penguin 3.0 which affected less than 1% of US/UK searches. But this deciphered to billion objections.

Penguin 4.0 looks to brings number of changes as per the Google’s Blog post. Take for example, you artificially acquire or built some bad links, then you have to wait months for the next refresh to see the result. This theory will anyway help know how SEOs try to cheat and manipulate the system and SERP results. Likewise, SEO companies working out of penguin house are removing links which has personalized them and have to stay for months to see Google’s reactions to the backlinks for concerte URLs or subdomains.

penguin 4.0

Penguin’s “real-time”, in general, will help you recover from penalty faster. The latest update helps you to perform various experiments with a deduced cost of error provided that you are capable and careful.

Well, experts are asked to share their opinions of whether this upgraded version will direct to a new way to grey-hat optimization.

The Penguin is quite dangerous because you shall be never informed about your website being personalized. You can only know by the indirect signals like declined positions of certain keywords or a fall in organic traffic. Since the latest algorithm enables you to see the results faster, it has sides of both advantages and disadvantages. The recovery process gets faster along with the personalization process.  Hence, it is important for the SEO companies to know measures to protect their website-

Continual check the positions in SERPs– Set a regular email notification or alerts to stay updated with your current position. These notifications will help you know if there is any change in the position.

  1. Have a clean and healthy Backlink profile– Regularly clean and check the lost and new backlinks.
  2. Perform different audit for the different language version of your website, in other words have separate audits for each of the different language version.


2016 Complete SEO Tool Guide (UPDATED)

If you want to see the best SEO tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

Brian Dean (Internet Marketing Ninja!) personally tested and reviewed over 184 free and paid SEO tools > Check out his in depth Guide here.



The good news is Brian organized it so you can filter through the list to find the best SEO software for your business.

Thanks again Brian!

Los Angeles SEO – Award Winning Agency

As the leader in Search Engine Marketing, we at Simple Performance Marketing formerly SimpleSEM   has a team of experienced Internet Marketers that is passionate to deliver you excellent results for your success.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of augmenting the number of visitors or the volume of traffic in a website through “natural” or unpaid search results. One can optimize a website just by editing the sites contents and HTML codes.

Aspects to Consider in Optimizing a site:

  1. Tags: The use of tags is vital since it let the search engine crawlers decipher what your site is all about.
  2. Images- Video – Flash: Images and flash-based animation
  3. Content: Updating content on a regular basis using relevant keywords can help optimize websites.

Search Engine Optimizers or sometimes referred to as SEO are consultants who are in-charge of optimizing a client’s website. Deciding to hire an SEO is not an easy task since it can improve a website and save time but it can also significantly damage you site’s reputation. That is why it is always important to hire SEO consultants that offers excellent services for the improvement of your website.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization offers you variety of customized services that will give you maximum results which exceeds your goals! Our firm has set the standards for full and excellent service not only in search engine optimization but marketing as well. With our one-of-a-kind and broad range of search services, you are assured of optimized search and online visibility that surpasses your expectations.

Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing Agency – Award Winning

Local Marketing sign with clouds and sky background

In competitive world of Internet marketing, all online businesses aim to get noticed and be on top. This is only possible if you ensure that your site shows on top whenever people search for goods and services.

Online businesses are similar to offline businesses. The 4Ps of marketing plays a vital part in order for your goods and services, and ideas to get noticed. With all those websites trying to sell anything through the internet, getting your business noticed is like finding a needle in a haystack. Differentiation and correct marketing strategies are the key.

It is through Search Engine Marketing that websites are promoted. It is by improving their SERP visibility. Search Engine Marketing also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of internet marketing that uses SEO and advertising.

Natural vs. Paid Keyword Search Engine Marketing

  • Natural. Public Relations is an example of natural SEM. Search Engine Optimization is good example of PR which makes it  natural SEM.
  • Paid  Search. Is just plain advertising such as paid  placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion.

With thousands of sites wanting to compete just to get noticed, how well are you assured that your website is performing well? Are you contented of being in the position you are in right now? Do you need more traffic on your site?

Bear in mind that bad marketing is expensive while a good one is a cheap investment. Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing assures you that even with stiff competition and ever-changing environment of internet marketing, we can still provide solutions and value-added services exclusively for your business.

In Simple Performance Marketing, we offer you customized PPC solutions, premium consulting and training, and so much more! Natural and Paid Keyword SEM are being used to maximize results. With our proven expertise in PPC, excellent and customized solutions for every client are assured depending on their preferences.

Austin – Small Business SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Most websites try so hard to get a higher ranking in search engines. For websites, search engines are considered to be the primary source of traffic. The more traffic could sometimes mean having more sales. Although there is no guarantee that the more visitors you get, the higher is your sales, Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most used strategies in Internet Marketing. Everyone wants their website to be noticed. Whatever your website is, you want it to be ranked higher than competition.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the volume of website visitors from search engines using a natural or unpaid search results. SEO targets different kinds of search such as image search, local search , video search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. With this, a website manager must consider that a website is using the correct tags, sensible contents with appropriate keywords, as  well as images and flash-based animation since it can help optimizing a site.

There is no concrete or universal strategies in getting higher or even improving search engine rankings. However, as a website manager, you might want to try out some basic tips to optimize your site.

  1. HTML Title Tags. Use keywords and phrases in your HTML title tag. Search engines gives the most importance in title tags than any other element on the page.
  2. Meta Tags. A sharp descriptive meta tag provides good value. It can make your website more attractive to visitors.
  3. Keywords in URLs. Using keywords in your URL is important since they are valued by search engines.
  4. No Duplicate Articles. Never try to post articles in multiple URLs since it can affect your position on SERPs
  5. 301 Redirect. Always provide a 301 redirect whenever you try to change URLs.
  6. URL Shorteners. Use a or URL shorteners to make sure that you get proper credits for the link.
  7. Google AdWords Keywords. Use the tool to identify the best keywords for your site.

Search Engine Optimization can generate revenues. But due to the ever-changing nature of search engines, one cannot be assured of consistent referrals. Thus, to assure that your site maintains a higher page rank, hiring an SEO should be considered.

Austin Search Engine Optimization has a team of knowledgeable and passionate people that can offer solutions based on your existing website’s performance. Every action and recommendation are carefully studied to ensure that it meets, and sometimes exceeds the clients expectations and goals.

Austin Local Search Engine Marketing – Award Winning

Marketing is an important factor in selling a goods and services. Most businesses nowadays give much attention on how to market their products and services to the consumers. Online marketing is one way for bto compete with your competitions.

Internet Marketing has many forms and that include Search Engine Marketing or SEM.  Search Engine Marketing is done to increase website’s visibility in SERPs using search engine optimization and paid advertising. The increase of a website’s visibility can only happen if there is an increase in traffic or the number of people visiting the website. That is why every internet marketer wants to make sure that their website is appropriately optimized to increase visitors for better position in SERPs.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is another term used for Search Engine Marketing. It is considered to be highest ROI form among online marketing. For that alone, many are interested in maximizing their SEM to earn revenues using natural or paid keywords to optimize their websites.

One can identify Search Engine Marketing from other forms of marketing by two unique features:

  • Non-intrusive. Unlike other forms of advertising (offline or online), SEM or PPC has a nun-intrusive characteristic. That is, it does not interrupt consumer behavior.
  • The visits in your sites from search engines and directories are voluntary. It only mean that they prefer browsing your site than that of the competitors.

The question now is, with so many competition wanting to be noticed, are you ready to compete just to have a spot on top? Do you think that your existing Search Engine Marketing strategies can help you defend that spot later on?

With our proven SEM expertise, Austin Search Engine Marketing assures you that our team can offer you solutions that will improve you marketing ROI.

SIMPLE PERFORMANCE MARKETING offers a customized and structured PPC solutions, Landing Page Design and Development Services, as well as premium consulting and training for every client. Whatever your SEM issues and needs are, Simple Performance Marketing can offer you the best solutions and higher results than any other full-service search marketing and optimization services.

Simple SEO Pricing Options!

I just wanted to share with everyone the New and Improved SEO Pricing Packages. We developed these with a lot of feedback from over 5+ years of SEO Client Services – hope you like the savings and new rates.

New SEO Packages Summary:

  • Starter – $995 Monthly
    • 10 Keywords
    • 10 Pages Optimized (Meta Data, Onpage etc)
    • 250 Backlinks
    • 3 Silo’d Articles (juicy SEO content!)
    • 5 Social Bookmarks (go Viral)
    • 50 Directory Submissions
  • Professional – $1,695 Monthly
    • 15 Keywords
    • 15 Pages Optimized (Meta Data, Onpage etc)
    • 300 Backlinks
    • 5 Silo’d Articles (juicy SEO content!)
    • 15 Social Bookmarks (go Viral)
    • 100 Directory Submissions
  • Enterprise – $2,595 Monthly
    • 50 Keywords
    • 30-50 Pages Optimized (Meta Data, Onpage etc)
    • 500+ Backlinks
    • 10 Silo’d Articles (juicy SEO content!)
    • 25+ Social Bookmarks (go Viral)
    • 200+ Directory Submissions

If you have custom needs or large scale website pricing needed, please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Click Here to Sign up for our Award Winning SEO Services.

CAUTION: All links Do Not Perform The Same

SEO Peeps – Please Prioritize your Linking Efforts Properly. The chart below should help you do it easily and quickly.

High Authority site links are worth 10x what Low Authority sites offer – so focus your linking efforts accordingly. Print this chart out and use it when you create your linking lists, and get best results for your hard work!

Sign up for cutting edge SEO Services from Simple Performance Marketing.

Search Marketing Buyer Lifecycle

Find Customers at All Stages of the research/buying lifecycle!
*For Coffee Lovers

  • Discover
    • “coffee machine” | General/Category top level term, may be mix of early stages and late stages
  • Research
    • “coffee machine review” or ” compare coffee machines” | Consumer not quite ready to buy -might be influenced by marketing messages that concern benefits of a particular unit/type
  • Compare
    • “cheap coffee machines” | Consumer is much closer to the purchase stage but price sensitive
    • “best coffee machine” “top rated coffee machines”| Consumer is not ‘ready’ to buy (yet!) but is easily influences by marketing messages concerning benefits of a particular type/unit/feature
  • Purchase
    • “Pasquini Livietta” | Consumer had a Brand and Model in mind and is ready to purchase due to the specific model numberand Brand preference indicated in the query.

I hope that helps explain the Search Marketing Consumer Buyer Lifecycle.

P.s.: Yes I am a coffee addict and hobbyist | My Pasquini Livietta Brew Rig is Below 😉

SEO is for Every Business Type!

SEO is for Every Business Type

  • Real Estate Agent / Broker
  • Accountant / Lawyer
  • Dentist / Orthodontist
  • Architect / Designer
  • Doctor / Specialist
  • Locksmith / Plumber
  • Nail Salon / Massage
  • Retail / Restaurant
  • Online Business
  • Etc…

ALL Businesses online or offline can be helped with SEO and Internet Marketing!

SEO Addresses Multiple Objectives

  • Reach more than 80% of Internet users
  • Credibility / Brand Perception
  • Target your audience with customized messaging
  • Attract thousands of new visitors
  • Long term solution, the results of an SEO campaign last
  • Cumulative returns, the promotional effect of it will be working 24 hours a day.
  • The ROI of SEO is amongst the highest of any form of marketing
  • Cost-effective customer acquisition
  • Fixed, manageable costs (20x less than PPC)

Why SEO is more Cost Effective than PPC?

  • It’s where the majority of click traffic is generated!
  • The clicks are Free
  • Cumulative long term returns
  • People trust Organic Links more
  • Users want “long tail” keyword results
  • More Title and Description space
  • Over 50% more clicks per query than PPC or Sponsored Listings

SEO is the Best Solution for the Small Business to Build Long Term Trust and Traffic – Sign up for our SEO Services and Crush Your Competition!