5 Things Google Absolutely Loves About WordPress

In the SEO business today, different platforms are used to manage all the internet marketing transaction. And one of the popular internet marketing tools nowadays is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most accessible blog publishing applications online, but aside from having the function of a regular blogging site; it is also used as a content management system (CMS) where it is used to handle workflow in a coordinated environment.

And because of the organized system that WordPress is offering, it allows bloggers or internet marketers to collaborate with the king of search engines, which is Google. This being said, there are numerous plugins which Google provides for the WordPress environment.

The 5 Things Google Loves about WordPress:

  • Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

It lets you add Google’s web tracking script to your site. It will generate your site statistic, and Google will be able to know your stats. In order to make use of this plugin, you must paste the code that Google Analytics will provide you for your site.

  • Easytube

To publish Google and Youtube Videos properly in your WordPress blog, Easytube plugin embeds Google and Youtube in your posts, which includes preview images of videos in your RSS feed.

  • Google Maps Plugins

This plugin will speedup the process of creating, inserting maps in your WordPress blog post. It works non-intrusively to keep your markup simple and clean.

  • Google XML Sitemaps Generator

It allows WordPress users to create sitemaps for their blogs. It helps readers find posts as your blog expands, and it helps search engines crawl and index any changes in your blog site.

  • Adsense / Google Display Network Manager

This plugin makes it simpler to position and maintain ads on your WordPress blogs. This plugin is useful for internet marketers running pay per click ads, because the plugin automatically generates the Adsense code and use widgets to move ads around your page.

Internet marketing has always been a complex business, but by choosing the proper tools to use in organizing or promoting your industry, success will come easily.