10 Google Services You Should Be Using

Through the power of the World Wide Web today, Google has provided a mass of applications and services with different tools aiming to give relevant information and access to the modern world.

There are hundreds of Google’s services available today, falling in numerous categories such as: advertising, search, business solutions, development, location, online shopping, mobile services, personal productivity, communication, and other.

I have gathered different information from the internet and personally picked out 10 Google Services you should be using for your own online needs.

1. Google Search

It is a popular and most-used search engine, which is owned by Google Inc., it also provides the Advance Search where it gives options for a more precise and useful result.

2. Google Blog Search

If you are more into the blogging field, Google’s Blog Search will help you find useful and content-rich blog topics in your own niche.

3. Google Adsense

This free service is appropriate for website owners or publishers who want to find internet marketing solutions online to match their site and earn money through it.

4. Google Apps

It is a business solution service from Google, which features several web applications for your working organization. Google Apps provide service for business, education and for personal use.

5. Google Analytics

This service features solutions to internet marketer’s to analyze their data traffic and marketing effectiveness, thus helping them to create good converting websites and creative marketing strategies.

6. Google Web Directory

Web Directory from Google provides a collection of links from the internet selected by the Open Directory editors that determines high quality pages and sorted by the patented PageRank technology for SEO needs.

7. Google Trends

It is a tool used in comparing search terms or topics with relative search volumes from around the world and in different language.

8. Google Product Search

This service is dedicated to online shoppers and consumers in helping them to find products and merchandise easily, as well as links to stores where they could purchase them.

9. Google Earth

This Google service helps you navigate the map of the world through satellite imagery using your own PC. You can find locations, driving directions, distances between places and more.

10. Google Docs

This is a free service from Google that allows users to upload, save, and edit web based documents and spreadsheets. Users can also share or invite other users to view or edit files, and can be accessed from any other computer. These files are stored in Google’s secure servers. Google Docs is now commonly used by web based clients in the BPO industry.

This list of 10 Google Services you should be using is just a part of the huge arena of services that Google provides, all with the purpose of making technology both useful and beneficial.