5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Online Business Marketing

Social Networking isn’t just a trend. It is a valuable way in sending the message to a wider field of people in different genres—especially when it comes to marketing your business online.

I won’t claim that I’m an expert when it comes to the complex business world, but as a subscriber to numerous social media sites, I have proven that it is indeed one good way in getting the message to your targeted audience (having been invited to “be a fan of” or “join the group” by some friends or by people I have never even seen in my life…I’ll LOL to that).

In this article, I will share some insights that may come useful in internet marketing using some popular social networking sites. I have gathered information on which social media sites’ people commonly use these days, and so I came up with the top 5 social networking sites for online business marketing. And here they are:

1. Facebook- www.facebook.com > you can create a fan page or a group by inviting random people to join, or add your own friends and endorse your business to them. Some may just ignore it but 40 to 50 percent of the time, people would get their attention caught (just make sure you have an appealing slogan for it). You can also make campaigns in Facebook Ads, set up Events, and create Facebook Apps for your business or use Facebook connect to link directly from your business site or blog.

2. Twitterwww.twitter.com > as a micro blogging site, it will only allow you to post messages of less than 140 characters. However, you can easily join and listen into conversations from thousands of individuals (including high profiled ones) which you can take advantage in pushing out the message of your business to different people.

3. YouTube- www.youtube.com > this is the biggest video marketing site, but rather than being just another site visitor, you might want to consider creating your own YouTube channel to market your business. You will have the ability to create and arrange contents in one location through your YouTube URL, and you could also link back to your own business website URL, or you can post video replies for other people in your business niche.

4. MySpace- http://www.myspace.com > just like Facebook (except it allows page customization) MySpace is another social media site where you can see numerous individuals as potential target customers for your business. You may add people in your niche or post bulletins to your friends with details of what your business offers. You may also leave relevant comments to somebody’s page where you can insert links to your business website.

5. Squidoo- www.squidoo.com > a well known website that let users create content on the site, which is called a “Lens”, to market or promote their business. In the Lens, you will be able to put up creative definitions about what your business does and the services you offer. Squidoo pages rank well on major search engines and tend to drive high traffic to external web pages.

In the SEO world, the success and failure of your industry do not solely depend on creating pages in popular networking sites for online business marketing, it is also very important to put quality services in association with relevant and useful information, which prioritize the benefits of your consumers.