5 Reasons to Spend More on Bing

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft. It is considered as one of Google’s big competitors in the search engine optimization business today.  Some critics say that Bing’s search capability is more precise than of Google, because it brings out results more relevant to the search query.

Recently, there are a lot of debates online on which search engine offers better and effective pay per click programs. In this post, I have listed 5 reasons to spend more on Bing, especially for your ppc campaigns. I will not claim expertise on anything, but I just want to share my ideas on this.

5 Reasons to Spend More on Bing:

1. Doubled Market Share

Online studies and statistics show that Bing has doubled its market share, especially in the US. Consumer pay per click programs has been working for the search platform. Advertisers want to magnify their reach beyond the usual search engines and Bing has convinced them to be an alternative.

2. Ad friendly designs

Bing’s interface directs users to look at both sides of the page. Bing’s design has related links on the left of the screen while sponsored results on placed at the right, thus, enabling your ads get noticed by users and possible clients.

3. Good results with product info

If your target consumer seeks for something to buy online, Bing provides the product details like the price and image. These search results will help consumers choose on the link to click based on the reviews. Bing will give your company product and services a better chance to get noticed by the users.

4. Specific travel results

For jet setters wanting to find traveling information, Bing provides specified results by entering the “from and to” location, class of travel, stops and more. So if you are running a pay per click campaign for a travel industry, consumers would get the chance to view your company here.

5. Groups

Bing organizes products online into groups, depending on consumer’s preference. Products can be sorted according to features, price, ease of use, as well as free shipping for some products are available. This is good for ppc campaigns, because companies can be sorted according to their niche.

Making money and spending it on SEO is now a major trend with many business companies. However, your industry’s success will depend on how good your strategy is. There are a number of unlisted reasons to spend more on Bing when it comes to your pay per click campaigns, and the information provided above are some of those things which can be considered.