How to Find Your Target Consumer on Twitter is a popular microblogging site all over the world today. This social media is called microblogging, since it will only let you post messages and updates on your profile for up to 140 characters- just like the standard in text messaging. Thus, it is considered the “SMS of the Internet”.

It has gained popularity across the world and is used even by notable and high profiled individuals (like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey). However, Twitter is not just a regular social media site—it is also the gateway in targeting possible consumers for internet marketing.

As an admitted subscriber, I saw different ways on targeting possible clients on Twitter. And by doing some Internet reading, I came up with the list of ideas on how to find your target consumer on Twitter.

1. Add people you know

Start with your friends. If you have people you know who uses Twitter, you can ask them to follow you. This enables you to do internet marketing strategy like tweet promotions to them which they may take an interest upon.

2. Be on

WeFollow is an organized list of Twitter users arranged by topic or catalogue. Here, you may be able to find people in your niche by choosing your category, as well as add yourself in so more people could find you, which may lead them to view your profile and get informed of your business.

3. Twitter Search them

Twitter has a search box where you can pick trend topics in line with your industry, and find people of the same interest as yours.

4. Find people in Twellow

Twellow is the online yellow page of Twitter, which categorizes users into different industries. It grabs public messages from, then organizes them in appropriate categories that help in narrowing the search you want for people in your niche.

5. RSS Feed

Exposing your business blog content is a good way in getting a large number of Twitter users. TwitterFeed is a free service to send out your blog post to Twitter via your RSS feed, which can be a good internet marketing strategy in getting your desired consumers.

6. Target people in your region

You may find people in your market by using, where you can market to your own local area. You can search consumers near you since it allows you to filter tweets by location.

7. Join Groups allows you to find and join groups of people with common interests. You can see each member of the group you chose and send out your message or business proposals to them. You may also create your own group as well.

There are many other different strategies in internet marketing and finding your target consumer on Twitter. However, it is very important to be the type of person or business that people will choose to follow. Build a good relationship to other entrepreneurs of the same industry in using this social media platform. This will be more rewarding than anything else.